A Guide to Courtesy & Common Sense Behavior
at Nudist Venues

Nude beach etiquette is not much different from the same good manners that you should exhibit wherever you go. Be polite and respect the rights of others and others will do the same for you!

Gawking or staring at nude sunbathers is impolite. It is always rude to stare at others, but it is especially so when you use binoculars or a camera to look at nude people. If you came to a clothing optional beach to see for yourself what the experience is like, please join in. You will have a great time. If you came to "look at the nudies," do yourself a favor and buy a magazine and read it at home.

Obey all parking rules and regulations. Park only in designated areas. In some areas parking is limited and fills up early. If this is true, at your beach you can:
~Arrive early - before the crowds

Respect the environment. Keep out of the prohibited areas. Many clothing optional beaches are near dunes and other environmentally sensitive areas. Let's not lose access to our nude beaches by impairing the environment.

Help keep the area clean. Bring and use trash bags. No glass bottles on the beach. Make sure your area is cleaned up when you leave.

Get dressed when you leave the beach. Many of the clothing optional beaches, while not strictly legal, are accepted by the local population. To avoid offending people, do not go nude into parking lots or textile beaches.

Avoid any sexual activity or hint of sexuality. Complaints about sex in public is what can close down our clothing optional beaches. Lewd behavior is not tolerated. If there is a violation, get a group of your fellow beach goers together and politely but firmly put an end to it. We want to keep our clothing optional beaches safe and open. Don't give the authorities a reason to close the beach.

Respect private property and the private property of others as you go to and from the beach. Don't litter or park on private property. Respect the privacy of others. Many folks come to the beach to enjoy nature and do not want to be disturbed. It's is OK to be friendly, but respect people's right to their privacy.

No photos or movies at the clothing optional beach. Few nudists are exhibitionists and even fewer want their picture taken, without their permission. Also, totally avoid taking photos of any nude children, period. In fact, we recommend you leave the camera at home - including the one in your cell phone - lest someone walk up to you and physically remove the film or see how far they can toss your tech toy into the water. Take your pictures at home before you leave or at the end of the trip instead.

Be prepared. Most clothing optional beaches are remote and do not offer the services and amenities found at textile beaches. Therefore plan to bring everything you may need including: water, beverages, food, cooler, sunscreen, towel, chair, etc.

Speak up for standards. If you see someone who is violating the accepted standards, please explain to them clearly and politely just how they are violating the rules and just what the proper behavior is. You may enlist the help of a few overgrown friends, if need be. Remain polite and you will find most folks will leave at this second sign of intimidation.

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